Care For Wild: Daisy

Despite being nearly two and a half years old, Daisy is still the blanket queen! She really enjoys them during these cold nights, and wonderful people from all over the world continue to send her handmade, colorful blankets. These blankets have had to increase in size quite a bit to fit her growing body! With the cold weather, keeping Daisy active and moving is very important to increase her core body temperature. Her walks to the veld begin at 7:00 AM so that she can catch the morning sun as it rises over the mountains. The cold weather does make her quite cheeky and more mischievous, though. She recently spent the morning knocking over wheelbarrows, trying to push the ambulance, and playing with the office mat! Modjadji continues to rule her rhino crash. Her coat has thickened for the winter, marking her first season away from the comfort of the bomas and night pens.