The Will to Survive

Despite her highly rocky start to life, Daisy has a will to survive which is awe-inspiring and humbling. Last month Veterinarian Dr Albertus Coetzee visited Care for Wild to examine Daisy’s mouth and discovered that she was teething.
Caregivers have been helping to support Daisy through the discomfort with teething gel and by encouraging her to start to chew on solids. Daisy has been struggling with the transition to solid foods but she keeps trying. She has begun to have success in using her lips and tongue to pull strands of teff into her mouth. She is becoming quite an independent, sassy little calf and does not like to be helped during this process!
After more consultations and discussions with nutritionists, caregivers have added some additional supplements to her milk which are really helping With Daisy’s energy levels and growth and development. Despite the cold mornings, she has lots of energy to run around in her blanket and is now weighing 82.4kg!